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Well I finally sat down and heard #Dynamite @kariseden. Immediate download, the passion is so there and thank you for not following the pop-pap suit of other reality TV winners. Thank you for being a testament to the craft and obviously showing much personal and professional strength to do this the best way for you. Thank you for being the beautiful and raw person you are, because we are like that too. Got major love and respect for you. Can’t wait for #thingsivedone x

"When life gives you lemons, Brodie wears them" - @victoriabeal

"Brodie is pretty much just a really cool banana" - @wishna

You’ve got to flourish in the things that bring you happiness in this world. For some it’s love or fame, serendipity or style, ferocity or fashion, advocacy or agency. For me, it’s #yellow 8D

Words to live by: @ladygaga

"You may say "I lost everything", but I still had my Be-Dazzler, and I had a lot of patches; shiny ones from M&J Trimming. So I wreaked havoc on some old denim, and I did what any girl would do.

I did it all over again”

Oh Mary, can you hear me?…

Having one of those low-faith-in-humanity-gee-did-we-ever-screw-up-the-planet kinda days. Not sure what I’m gonna do about it yet. Will brainstorm after lunch.

Butterflies don’t belong in nets.

Sometimes being young as much something to admit as being wrong. Living with things you can’t change might be life’s biggest challenge because there are consequences we cannot go without simply by being born, growing up with levels of support, understanding and resilience that your parents can’t change either. I’m grateful for being born when I was, and more grateful for my deep desire to succeed. It is these things that will push me further than the rescued, kept, safe self could ever go.
Never was a Cornflake Girl…#bg2yx

Shoutout love to the Amy Poehler to my Tina Fey. Forever conducting ourselves in the name of hilarious sincerity, ridiculous opinionation and kick-ass plot lines. I love you @tbenno. Here’s to us one day also hosting the Golden Globes hahahaha

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