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Happy Birthday Beyonce. Without you, us Naughty Girls wouldn’t be Crazy in Love with Baby Boys, Single Ladies wouldn’t feel like Divas, there’d be no Bootylicious Survivors with their Freakum Dresses on or independent Women who Run the World. Congrats on all youve worked for, can’t wait to meet Bubonce!! Love, Worker Bey

when anonymous people ask questions

the tricky thing about it is that I can’t actually respond to you. Unless of course I publish the answer in the hope that you follow me. However, if the question is genuine then there’s no reason for you to ask it anonymously. Therefore I can only assume that you have an agenda that it also anonymous as it were if you intend for me to publish it for the entire internet to use as it will.

Besides, publishing one’s sexual orientation is an incredibly private question and a stranger asking it of me would be considered rude if we were face to face. Not to mention that it is information that is not something you splash all over cyberspace for anyone to take into any context they like. Read into my answer what you will, but just be happy that I haven’t offered the answer I really want to, which is: IT’S NONE OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS, but have a great day.


'Release' - George

work through joy through work the goddess of religion dogma and guilt 
poor me start joyful destiny, respite guilt free passion 
grant fear of freedom sympathy god and myself god and myself 
to another place from respect joyful girl, thankyou 

and I’m ready to release on another day, I’m ready to respect the day today 
I’m ready to respect myself today, I’m ready to release 

self-image confidence troubled comfortable blame touching partake 
with grace jealousy wisdom unabashed joy and me you yum 
power transference to equality letting go joy again 
loving do unto others as to yourself, thank you 

and I’m ready to release on another day, I’m ready to respect the day today 
I’m ready to respect myself today, I’m ready to release on another day 
I’m ready to release myself today, I’m ready to release 

male female innocent carefree, fate honour and wrong 
success caressing a self love, do to yourself as to others 
comfortable held release, comfortable held release….

My rant about gay marriage with a twist

This will probably only affect those gay/lesbian people who have managed to reconcile with the Catholic church and Christianity and wish for the religion to repeal its stance against gay marriage. For those of you who couldn’t give two shakes, about equal marriage rights or Christianity, more ammo for when the topic inevitably comes up couldn’t hurt.

So correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t allowing homosexual couples to marry be better for Christianity? Many are leaving the church because of persecution by the Catholic leadership (we say religious, but really it’s just one religion). This leadership so consistently states that the reason they struggle to accept us is because of our “promiscuous natures”. The truth is that our natures are no more promiscuous than anybody’s, not even heterosexuals. But heterosexuals are saved from accusations by the church because they are able to do it as often as they like once in wedlock. It is a noted fact that before the sexual revolution, God-fearing couples would engage in sodomy before they were married because it didn’t count as sex per se. So therefore, homosexual men in particular aren’t actually doing anything heterosexual people weren’t in terms of sexual activity before marriage. So if the Catholic Church wishes gay people to be less promiscuous, wouldn’t this be achieved by allowing us to marry and then our sex lives would be acceptable under biblical terms (Leviticus aside)? The Catholic Church can’t have its cake and eat it too: either you let us marry so we can lead normal sex lives, or stop complaining when we pursue normal sex lives outside of marriage.

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