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Sometimes being young as much something to admit as being wrong. Living with things you can’t change might be life’s biggest challenge because there are consequences we cannot go without simply by being born, growing up with levels of support, understanding and resilience that your parents can’t change either. I’m grateful for being born when I was, and more grateful for my deep desire to succeed. It is these things that will push me further than the rescued, kept, safe self could ever go.
Never was a Cornflake Girl…#bg2yx

Shoutout love to the Amy Poehler to my Tina Fey. Forever conducting ourselves in the name of hilarious sincerity, ridiculous opinionation and kick-ass plot lines. I love you @tbenno. Here’s to us one day also hosting the Golden Globes hahahaha

Lean on what you must. Look as far forward as you can focus. Dig as deep as your reach goes. Smile yourself confident and sing yourself to sleep. Survival is in the spirit not the sustenance. bg2yx.

I’m sure where my spark is. Here.
If the divine masterplan is perfection, maybe next I’ll give Judas a try.
How many fates turn around in the overtime?

There are times in your life where you only have your current surroundings, the people you know now, the choices right now to work with. Your decisions you make should be balanced by what your big dreams, and your present understanding of what is right. Don’t let the hairpin turns or multi-exit roundabouts of your life overwhelm you, but hear their remarks on this amazing experience you now have. You may say you don’t want that randomisation, that spontaneity, that thrill of what’s around the corner, but you don’t really mean it.

Thanks @toriamos for the wisdom, thanks @luckylolaphotography @tbenno for the images. #bg2yx

Happy Birthday to a woman who, by leading me down a garden path to the bottom of my heart and mind, opened up my eyes to faith. A woman who shows me, and many others I have known, seen, heard and read, where our spark is. Here.

May this year bring you yet more challenges, discoveries and small measures of miracles. Thank you for taking the time, the courage and the creativity. Unrepentantly, B.

If there is anything unknown in this life, it is the strength and sustenance of your kindest word, your most selfless action, the time you took to encourage or affirm. Every successful person can remember the moment they were supported in their endeavour, and by whom. Be the backbone to the greatest innovations, the most innocent dreams and ridiculous notions. You have no concept of what a moment of love can give life to. #bg2yx

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